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SimpleCraft 1.6 - 1.15.2 ● You can buy and level up your unique skills ● Aution House to sell all of your stuffs or buy from others ● You can defeat strong bosses in the wild and get precious rewards. Your pet can help you to defeat the monsters! ● Protect your property with Grief Prevention OR claim a huge plot! ● You can buy over 28.000 decorations ! ● Reward Chest at the spawn every day! ● Get rewards by voting! You can earn Voting Gold which is changeable for valuble stuffs! ● You can easily take quests and get rewarded when finished! ● Take jobs! ● Claim your daily reward and get each day more valuable rewards! ● Would you like to be different? Change you appearance! Use: /skin ● Online Market is avaliable! /shop or go to the local shop! ● Trade with other players and get valuable vouchers for special events! There are lots of stuffs here and it would take years to write it all down, if you are interested check it out! IP: simplecraft.mcraft.fun Discord: https://discord.gg/xVUphSX